Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Supremacy of wireless phones over landline phones

Here are 7 reasons given by a telecom professional as to why wireless rules:

  1. Offers a robust prepaid variant as against primarily postpaid plans in fixed lines.
  2. Mobiles present a much wider choice of tariff plans to suit everyone’s needs.
  3. Unlike the plaid old telephones, mobiles are gadgets equipped with many utilities like distinctive ring tones, organizers, cameras, FM radio, blue-tooth and so on.
  4. Wireless allows a host of value-added services such as SMS, MMS and caller tunes, which are rather uncommon in fixed lines.
  5. Roaming in wireless lets the user simply carry his phone with him to any service area. There is fixed line equivalent for this.
  6. As against the tedious process of shifting of fixed lines, mobile users can shift base just by updating a new address with their service providers.
  7. Mobiles that are already good for data applications are slated to become even more power with 3G ringing in new features and services.