Friday, August 10, 2007

Replies to Shout-box discussions

Here are my replies to some of the shout-box queries that I couldn't answer because of my tight schedule during the last couple of days.

9 Aug 07, 21:33
never0: what is combustible ice mean??

It is colloquial name given to Methane hydrate. It is natural gas frozen inside a crystal lattice of water. It is reported that about 164 cubic meters of natural gas can be released from one cubic meter of methane hydrate.

9 Aug 07, 16:53
Rishi: Where does the sultan of brunei stand among the richest men

As per the latest info available in Wikipedia, he tops the list of Heads of State by networth with about $30 bn.

9 Aug 07, 15:59
Rishi: What is the differnce between insurgent , militant , terrorist ? Its slightly out of the line of the discussion , but I felt like asking..

Nothing but semantics. During our independence struggle, two streams of people fighting for the same cause was discernible. Those that believed in armed struggle and those that believed in peaceful struggle. There is no such distinction between militants, insurgents and terrorists. All are the same. It all depends on how we portray them. Nevertheless, I will risk an explanation as below:

The thing that goes on in our North East is usually termed insurgency. Our own people, convinced as they are that they are getting a raw deal from the government revolted against the government. This is insurgency.

A militant is on the other hand one who holds militant views. For instance, all sorts of leaders now agitating in J&K can be called militants though some of them may be insurgents and terrorists. Those that believe in the political process, but yet hold extreme views can be called militants. I am sure many would disagree with such a view. One other word that can be used to describe such people would be 'extremists'.

The terrorist is one that is just trigger happy to achieve his short term gain. I am sure you get pictures of Taliban or the people indulging in reckless killing of innocents in J&K, Assam etc.

Arguments can be there about it. But as I told you, this is my version of the explanation.

9 Aug 07, 10:03
kushagra: The Sasan power project has been awarded at Rs 20,000 Cr of course.But that 'll include sufficient profits to be raised by RDAG.Rs 20k Cr , therefore is project cost to Govt and not investment of RDAG
10 Aug 07, 10:02
kushagra: I am sorry for the hasty comment made on Sasan Power SPV! The news was rightly presented.

Very well taken Kushagra. I would like to add one more thing; let not 'profit' be a dirty word. Nobody does or can't do anything out of charity all the time. An element of profit -- whether in monetary terms or in some other form will kick in sometime down the line. Even if we assume for a moment that the Communist logic of equity through distribution is to be accepted, there has to be something to distribute in the first place. For that something to be in place, wealth should have been created. Nobody can be expected to create wealth without being allowed to atleast owning a part of it. So, nothing wrong if Anil Ambani makes his billions by investing. It is for the government and the society at large to ensure that he doesn't shortchange them in the process.

9 Aug 07, 05:36
chenna: why bill gates is not a richest person. what is the reason behind it?

Because Carlos Slim has overtaken him in wealth creation. As agasint Bill Gates' fortune of $58 bn, Carols Slim has amassed a wealth of $59 bn according to Fortune magazine. This magazine's ratings incidentally are widely treated as realistic estimates.