Thursday, February 07, 2008

Replies to shoutbox discussions

@Suresh: Agree with your assessment. But a real national leader is one who could muster his faculties to articulate a cause that is felt strongly about by the larger masses and mobilize them to it. Had you and I lived in pre-independence era, could we have mobilized people the way a Gandhi or Nehru mobilized? That's the stuff leaders are made of. At present, yes we are woefully short of them. Instead what we are witnessing is regional and sectarian leaders articulating narrow and petty considerations for the perceived wants of a few, often to the chagrin and detriment of the needs of the majority.

Suresh: out

7 Feb 08, 19:15

Suresh: looking at issues that are important for the country, unlike previous generation(Nehruian era), where all the leaders had faced Imperialism since its a national issue they gained popularity through

7 Feb 08, 19:13

Suresh: I wonder who is going to have a national leader appeal in the next elections, present day no one commands such respect from every state, its big vaccume. The reason for this trend is nobody is

7 Feb 08, 03:21

indian: We can see it very distinctly where it is heading and we are doing nothing, whatsoever, to counter it.

7 Feb 08, 03:21

indian: Yes we can ! and Yes we are !

@cvrk: Yes I agree with you. Looks like regionalism is gaining momentum at the moment. What with the louder (and shriller?) calls for Telangana, Vidarbha Incidents in Mumbai etc.

6 Feb 08, 22:18

cvrk: mumbai for mumbaikars, changing the new year,etc. Are we not seeing a trend of regionalism gaining over nationalism?

6 Feb 08, 22:17

cvrk: attention, particlularly in the light of recent developments such as

6 Feb 08, 22:17

cvrk: naming issues: Hello RamkyC, even though it started with names, can you see there is one more area that was trying to pin pointed. The absence of national leader. do nt you feel that it deserves more

6 Feb 08, 18:02

raj: can anyone comment on the future of Loksatta Party in Andhra Pradesh as it just kickstarted its campaigning?

6 Feb 08, 17:09

@Mayank: Thanks for answering Sreenadh. Look at the second part as Left's (mostly; but there in other parties too) strong belief that our natural resources should not be sold. For eg., you might remember the huge debate about iron ore exports. Should we or should we not export our iron ore fines. This question attracted lot of debate, with strong reasons both for and against. People cutting across all parties have strong and informed stand about the issue. Very tough to side with one to the exclusion of the other.

Mayank: i.e the NATION seize control of their reserves of some RESOURCES. This is Resource Nationalism.Sir, plz corect me if I am wrong.The 2nd part of your question, no clues, I leave it totally on Sir :)

6 Feb 08, 17:08

Mayank: What I know, 'Resource Nationalism' is - a nation declares that I am not going to 'share' (read 'sell') resources which are produced within my nation.

6 Feb 08, 13:09

Sreenadh: Hi, can u throw some light on what is resource nationalism? and also statement "strong undercurrent of this in India’s political economy"

5 Feb 08, 22:59

adi: Our coountry will be divided in more ways than we can imagine?

5 Feb 08, 21:25

abhi: remya do u still give that public admin gudance.i needed your notes ..please help

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Mushi said...

In your Feb blog you have compared the uptrend in international prices of wheat and coal. Also, India has third biggest coal deposit and we are among the top five wheat producing state. My doubt is that do we still need to import coal/wheat to suffies our domestic demand, due to UMPP etc ? If yes, then can you please comeup with some percentage consumption that is satiated by domestic deposit and by international imports.And what is the coal price in India (in dollars per tonne, Aus:$140 per tonne and SA $123 per tonne)

Also, can you throw some light on ultra-mega thermal stations - Mundra and sasan. And then what should be our coal strategy?