Friday, November 24, 2006

Indian Banking Scene

Technological developments:

Globally about 10% of the customers regularly do online banking. In India less than 1% of the millions of customers are using Internet banking and the trend is catching up, albeit slowly.

At present there are more than 15,000 ATMs in the country.

IT penetration is about 77.5% in public sector banks.

They spent about Rs. 1054.45 cr so far on IT.

Number of Kissan Credit Cards issued: a little over 80 lakhs.

Planning to introduce cheque truncation system.

Cheque truncation, very loosely defined, is the process in which the physical movement of cheque within a bank, between banks or between banks and the clearing house is curtailed or eliminated, being replaced in whole or in part, by electronic records of their content (with or without the images) for further processing and transmission.

Size of the Indian banking sector:

Total liabilities

2006 (Rs. Crores)



Reserves & Surplus


Total Deposits


Total assets



Advances & Loans


Term Loans


The NPAs (Non Performing Assets) of the banking sector at gross level are at 3.3% and net NPAs are at 1.2% of the total outstanding loans. NPA includes non-accruing, renegotiated, and 90-days or more past due loans. They also include other real estate owned and other foreclosed loan collateral.