Monday, May 28, 2007

Sponsored Post: How not to write a blog?

I came across a blog, which I accepted for reviewing. Those of you who are budding bloggers and/or serious ones already, should certainly have a look at this blog to learn how not to maintain a blog.

The author of the blog preferred to remain anonymous and had posted just two posts in the blog. And the blog was about reviewing laptops. Other than the reviews of two laptops, which themselves were lifted out of some other site, there is nothing else in the blog. This is what you should never do.

Write something which is original and which is truly your own. Don’t lift content from somewhere else and post in your blog, as if it is your own.

The only good thing that I found about the blog was that the author appears to be very tech savy. He knows how to go about promoting the blog, get higher page ranks and enlist the services of top sites for getting his blog reviewed. His unabashed attempt at getting a page rank is titled GetRank.

Is it worth follow this link to know what I am saying? I think so. Though it may take a couple of your precious minutes, do have a look at it to know what not to do in the Internet space. By the way, the content that he lifted is good. It is real and exhaustive information giver about the specs of two Lenovo IBM Thinkpads.