Friday, June 29, 2007

Answers to some shout-box queries – 7

27 Jun 07, 12:38

manisha: recently i read a news on govt. intends to buy the RBI stake in SBI. What is purpose after ths sir

There is an apparent conflict of interest for the RBI. It cannot own a bank while being a regulator for the banking sector. That is why based on Narasimham committee’s recommendations, the Government decided to take ownership of the SBI from RBI.

27 Jun 07, 07:31

vinod: Sir what is the central govt concept of agriclinics

Announced through the 2001-02 budget, these centres will provide a package of soil and input testing facilities and other consultancy services. They

will strengthen transfer of technology and extension services and also provide self-employment opportunities to technically trained persons.

The Scheme aims at supplementing the existing extension network to accelerate the process of technology transfer to agriculture and providing supplementary sources of input supply and services, for which, by and large, farmers presently depend upon State Agencies.

Under the Government of India scheme of Agri-Clinics and Agri-Business centres, about 2615 agriculture graduates have been trained through 58 identified training centres. After completion of the training 436 agripreneurs have already taken up 40 types of different agriventures. Details can be accessed at Also have a look at for more info on the subject.