Thursday, October 19, 2006

Baglihar dispute between India and Pakistan

A hydro-electric project is being built by India in Baglihar on river Chenab in J&K with World Bank assistance. The project is touted as the life line to the poverty stricken Doda district of J&K and is expected, on completion to change the economic profile of the region.

Pakistan approached the World Bank, with a complaint that India, during the course of its construction, had violated the Indus Water Treaty. Pakistan alleged that India had unilaterally increased the height of the dam, and also questioned plans to construct sluice gates beneath the pondage, arguing that it was not needed to produce electricity. The gate’s design was also objected to. The complaint was lodged by it under Article IX(2) of the Indus Water Treaty.

The World Bank on May 12, last year appointed Prof. Lafitte as the ‘neutral expert’ to adjudicate the dispute between the two sides. The interim report submitted by the expert has rejected Pakistan’s contention.